Niels Christensen Routh (1824-1911)

from Borbjerg parish



Even I am only a distant relative to the family of Niels Christensen Routh, I decided to include this family in my website, because my family for generations were close friends to Niels Christensen Rouths family. The friendship is mainly through Niels Christensen Rouths youngest daugther, Laura, and her family. See below. 

Later I found that I have common ancestors to one of Niels Rouths decendants and that more friends in Borbjerg parish are decendants of Niels.

As american members of the family to me have expressed great interest in trying to develop contacts to the danish members, I hereby try to be a little helpful.

Hope that the US family can learn something from my Danish records. 

The american members had in 2008 their own website:

Webmaster, Bruce Waldon, 4th generation after Niels Chr. Routh.

This site is not active any more. 

2014 Bruce´s cousin Bob Nelsen started a closed group, to which you can be invited, if you have a facebook profile.


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Mette Cathrine og Niels Christensen Routh

Weddingsong 1857    Goldenwedding 1907

Current updated information on Niels Christensen Rouths family  can be found here:
Niels Christensen Rouths Family


Family tree

Niels Christensen Routh and Mette Cathrine had 

8 children. 

The child Jens Christian Nielsen moved to Ulfborg parish and got permission to the name Borbjerg


Jens Christian Nielsen/Borbjerg

He was father to the 

"Borberg Brothers", who emmigrated to USA

A great grandchild, Betty Moore, died in 2018 and the funeral service was attended by a large group of family.

Betty Moores funeral service may 2018

Niels Christensen Rouths youngest child, Laura, and my grandmother grew up together in Borbjerg paris. She and her decendants were/are close friends to my family.




My grandparents,

Maren and Jeppe Led,

and to the right Laura Nielsen,

Jens Chr. Nielsens youngest sister.



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