Biografi for: Arry Ervin Andersen

In Memoriam. It is with sorrow that we chronicle the the death of Erry Ervin Anderson, son of Mrs. Carl F. Anderson of near Center Point. Mr. Anderson was born Aug. 4, 1889 in Turner county, S. 1). where he has resided up to his death April 9th, 1908.
He leaves besides a sorrowing mother, five brothers and four sisters. His death has brought the bitter cup of sorrow to the lips of friends and relatives. It is sad at any time to stand beside the bed of the dying and watch life's ebbing tide drifting the loved one alowly, perhaps, but surely into the great ocean of eternity, but we live in hope for a bet-ter and sweeter life in the great beyond. To the broken hearted mother, brothers and sister, who sit in sorrow where his footsteps shall never again find echo, we extend our sympathy. When they have drained the cup may the peace that posseth all understaudit,g come to them from One who cares for each little sparrow that fall.
Ere Anderson, aged about 18 years, youngest son of Mrs. Carl Anderson, living near Center Point, died the latter part of last week, of a painful ill-ness of two-weeks' duration of blood poisoning, caused by a light scratch or sore on the face. He was buried last Sunday, the services being conducted from the home, and more than 100 teams followed the remains to the grave.
Mrs. S. F. Andrews