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Judge Dickman, 52, Hearing Own Election, Collapses and Dies.
Brother of Mayor Fatally Stricken in Home Early Today.
While listening to election returns in which he was returned a winner with other Democratic candidates, Judge Joseph F. Dickmann of the Court of Criminal Correction, a brother of the Mayor, was fatally stricken with a heart attack attack at 12:30 a. m. this morning. Judge Dickmann was at his Home; 3882 Hartford street, with him wife, two sons and a daughter, when he was stricken. He was carried to his bedroom upstairs where a physician and an inhalator from the Fire Department attempted to revive him but he died within a half hour without regaining consciousness.
Mayor Summoned.
Mayor Dickmann arrived In response to a hasty summons but his brother was already dead. Judge Dickmann had been in ill health the past two years and had felt particularly bad the past ten days. He had intended to go to a reception for the Democratic city Committee and party candidates at 11 p. m. last night at the Hotel Jefferson. But he remained horne because of his illness and was listening to the radio when the stroke came. He had been cheered throughout the evening by the steady flood of Democratic returns from over the nation. He was about to turn off the radio and retire knowing he and his party had carried the day when he collapsed. Vacancy on Bench.
In this election Judge Dickmann sought advancement from the Court of Criminal Correction to the Circuit Court. His death leaves a vacancy on the circuit bench which will have to be filled by gubernatorial appointment. The appointees will serve two years until another election is held. Judge Dickmann was 52 years old and had been active in Democratic politics more than 20 years. He was completeing a fouryear term in the Court of Criminal Correction. He was elected in the Roosevelt landslide of four years ago when the whole Democratic city ticket was swept into office. A native of St. Louis, Judge Dickmann was educated in St. Louis University and Benton College of Law, from which he was graduated in 1915. He was admitted to the bar immediately and the following year was made an Assistant Circuit Attorney, serving four years.
Led 25 Candidates.
He was a member of the St. Louis and the American Bar Associations. In the August primary Judge Dickmann led a field of 25 candidates seeking judicial nomination. He was indorsed by the Lawyers' Association but not by the Bar Association.
Judge Dickmann is survived by his widow, Mrs Ann Kennedy Dickmann ; two sons, Joseph F. Dickmann III, a student at the University of Missouri, and Jack Dickmann and two daughters, Mrs. Sam Meier and Miss Betty Dickmans.
Funeral services will bs bold ' from Peeti Brothers chapel at a; p time to be announced later.
Source: St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat, Wednesday Morning, November 5th 1936