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Iowa, Delayed Birth Records, 1856-1940
Name Norma Augusta Nelsen. Birth Date 13 Aug 1924. Birth Place Iowa Township, Benton, Iowa, USA. Father Nels C Nelsen. Mother Katie Jensen.
Household Members
Norma Augusta Nelsen, Katie Jensen, Nels C Nelsen.

Boby (Baby!) Nelsen in the Iowa, State Census Collection, 1836-1925
Name: Boby Nelsen. Age: 1. Birth Year: abt 1924. Birth Place: Iowa. Residence Date: 1 Jan 1925. Residence Place: Benton, Cass, Iowa, USA. Relation to Head: Daughter. Marital status: Single. Father: Nels C Nelsen. Father Age: 37. Father Birth Year: abt 1888. Father Birth Place: Denmark. Mother: Kathrine Nelsen [Kathrina Nelsen] . Mother Age: 38. Mother Birth Year: abt 1887. Mother Birth Place: Denmark. Parents' Marriage Place: Audubon IA. Neighbors: View others on page.
Household Members:
Nels C Nelsen 37, Kathrina Nelsen 38, Abbie Nelsen, 13, Mable Nelsen 11, George Nelsen 9, Edna Nelsen 7, Morris Nelsen 6, Folmar Nelsen 2, Boby (Baby!) Nelsen 1

U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Church Records, 1781-1969
Name Norma A Nelsen. Marriage Date 11 Feb 1947. Marriage Place Audubon, Iowa, USA. Spouse Raymond L Winther. Church Name Our Savior'sChurch. Location Audubon, Iowa.
Household Members: Raymond L Winther, Norma A Nelsen.

1960 Cause of Death
Norma Augusta Nelsen Winther 1924 - 1960. Fact Details Media Source Citations. Fact Details Injuries sustained in car accident.

Des Moines Tribune, Iowa. 5 Dec. 1960.
Admits Part In Accident
An Elliott farmer has admitted driving a car which ran over a woman injured in a previous two-car crash.
Sheriff Chet McCune said he and State Highway Patrolmen had a signed statement from George W. Bennett, 59, of near Elliott, in which he admitted driving the car which ran over Mrs. Raymond Winther, 36, of Villisca, Saturday night.
Mrs. Whither, mother of six children, was killed. She was a passenger in a car driven by her 38-year-old husband which collided head-on with a car driven by Wilford Maples, 22, Omaha, Neb.
The accident occurred on Highway 71, three miles south of the tiny village of Tenville in southeastern Montgomery County.
Winther told authorities he was talking with Maples after the accident when a third car ran over Mrs. Winther's body as she lay on the highway. The car also hit Maples.
Winther said the driver stopped and talked with him, then left saying he was going to get help. Winther said the man never came back, but in his statement Bennett said he went to a nearby farm, telephoned for help and returned to the scene scene with the farmer, Willis McAlpin.
Sheriff McCune said Mc-Alpin confirmed Bennett's statement.
Bennett said in the statement he did not identify himself as the driver of the car when he returned "because I was scared." Sheriff McCune said.
Bennett was fined $6 in Justice of the Peace Court in Villisca for not identifying himself to authorities at the scene of the accident.
Maples was charged by the State Highway Patrol with drunken driving in connection with the original two-car crash.
Maples was reported in fair condition Monday with head injuries in a Corning hospital.
Whinther was in good condition with head and face lacerations.

Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa) 5 Dec 1960.
Farmer Fined $6 After Car Kills Woman on Road
RED OAK, IA. A farmer whose car was Involved in a highway fatally was fined $6 Sunday afternoon in Justice court
at Villisca on a charge of failing to give Information at the scene of an accident.
Montgomery County Attorny John Boeye said Sunday night that he would ask a grand jury investigation of all circumstances connected with the accident. He said the charge is punishable by a fine of up to $500 and a year in jail or both.
Thrown to Pavement
Sheriff Chet McCune said George W. Bennett, 59, of Elliot pleaded guilty before Justice of the Peace Glenn Robe after signing a statement that his car struck two persons at the scene of an earlier accident Saturday night on Highway 71.
Mrs. Raymond Winther of Villisca, the mother of six children had been thrown onto the pavement when a car driven by her husband collided head-on with one driven by Wilford Maple, 22, of Omaha, Neb. The highway patrol later charged Maple with driving while intoxicated.
Drove Away
According to Mrs. Winther's husband, he and Maple were standing at the accident scene when a third car ran over his wife, who was lying on the pavement, and struck Maple, throwing him several feet. Winther told Sheriff McCune the driver said he would go for help, and drove on, but did not return.
Winther told his wife was alive after the collision,
but dead after the other car passed over her.
Acting on a tip, sheriff McCune and highway patrol men arrested Bennett at his farm Sunday afternoon. Bennet's statement said he had gone to the Willie McAlpine farm after the accident, had telephoned for help, and then had returned to the scene with McAlpine. He said he stayed there until the dead and injured had been removed, but didn't identify himself because he was afraid. McAlpine confirmed Bennett's story, the sheriff said.
Winther and Maple were both in the hospital at Corning, suffering head and face injuries.

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Ebenezer Cemetery Audubon, Audubon County, Iowa, USA