Biografi for: Kirsten Murray-Borbjerg

Hi from England. Sorry my written danish isn't very good so I'll tell you my family tree in english. My far is Henning Borbjerg and he lives over here in england with my mum Alison Murray. My younger brother Stuart Murray-Borbjerg now lives in Scotland where our mum is from. Stuart is keeping up the scandi line as he is living with his girlfriend Tina who is from Norway. His danish is now much better than mine and he can now speak norwegian too. My farmor was Agnete Borbjerg and my farfar was Tage Borbjerg. Tage was the oldest son of Johannes Borbjerg who was married to Maria Jensen Filsų. I have a lovely photograph of my far, my farmor and me when I was very small that I will post next. My far says he's sure you'll know which part of the family we are from. It's lovely to be part of this group. Thank you for adding me.