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1918 Bevilling til navnet Jens Kristian Borbjerg.

Ringkøbing, Bølling, Skjern, Aanum, 2, 28, FT-1921, D9482
Anders Thygesen 42 11.4 1879 U husfader gmd Skjern
Mariane Thygesen 35 1.1 1886 U husmoder Skjern
Thyge M. Thygesen 47 4.5 1874 U barn Skjern
Mads Møller Thygesen 5 4.12 1916 U barn Skjern
Kristen Kjær Thygesen 4 25.12 1917 U barn Skjern
Karl Handerup Thygesen 1 5.12 1920 U barn Skjern
Jens Chr. Borbjerg 22 6.7 1899 U tyende Staby
Kathrine Toft 22 9.2 1899 U tyende Brejning

1926 Udvandrede til USA. Rejser sammen med broderen Georg Vilhelm over til Broderen Karl Viggo Borbjerg i Chicago.

1926. Danish Emigration Protocol
Borbjerg, Georg V., Landarb. Fødested: Ulfborg, 23 Aar. Bestemmelsessted: N.Y. Kontrakt 1206 forevist 26/3. "Hellig Olav"
Borbjerg, Jens Chr., Landarb. Fødested: Staby, Ulfborg, 26 Aar. Bestemmelsessted: N.Y. Kontrakt 1207 forevist 26/3. "Hellig Olav"

Georg skriver at han og Jens Chr fik arbejde allerede 3 dage efter de var ankommet til USA, hos en dansk "cement contractor", hvor de lægger fortorv mv.

Comments to a picture of "The Borberg Brothers"
4 of these men are brothers of Niels Christian Nielsen, Harold's grandfather. These 4 were living in the USA, in Chicago, Illinois on our 1930 US census. They were living together at one address as roomers & working as icemen. Kristen Hansen age 38, George William age 37, Jens Christian age 30 & Karl Vigo age 29. I've given their ages as they gave them on this 1930 census. They all used the surname, Borberg.
Source: Mail fra Jan Cozad #8856

1930 Census
Name: Jens C Borberg. Birth Year: abt 1900. Birthplace: Denmark. Marital status: Single. Relation to Head of House: Roomer. Home in 1930: Chicago, Cook , Illinois , USA. Street address: Maryland Avenue. Ward of City: 6. Block: 93. House Number: 6415. Dwelling Number: 113. Family Number: 377. Attended School: No. Able to Read and Write: Yes. Father's Birthplace: Denmark. Mother's Birthplace: Denmark. Language Spoken: Danish. Immigration Year: 1926. Naturalization: First Papers. Able to Speak English: Yes. Occupation: Iceman. Industry: Ice Sales. Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker. Employment: Yes.
Household Members: Sarah Johnston 59, Hazel Skelley 37, Robert M Skelley 14, Jens C Borberg 30, Kristen H Borberg 38, Karl V Borberg 29, Mathew J Collell 37, George W Borberg 34

1932 Rejser efter besøg i Danmark tilbage til USA sammen med sine to brødre, Karl Viggo, Georg Vilhelm og deres niece Mabel Christina Nelsen.

1940 Census
Name: Jens K Borberg. Respondent: Yes. Age: 40. Estimated birth year: abt 1900. Birthplace: Denmark. Marital status: Single. Relation to Head of House: Brother. Home in 1940: Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Street: So Maryland Avenue. House Number: 6415. Farm: No. Inferred Residence in 1935: Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Residence in 1935: Same House. Citizenship: Naturalized. Sheet Number: 8B. Occupation: Policeman. Attended School or College: No. Highest Grade Completed: Elementary school, 8th grade. Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 40. Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker in private work. Weeks Worked in 1939: 52. Income: 1500. Income Other Sources: No.
Household Members: Karl Viggo Borberg 39, George W Borberg 38, Jens C Borberg 40.

1971 U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name Jens Borberg. Last Residence Atlantic, 50022, Cass, Iowa, USA. Born 6 Jul 1899. Died Nov 1971.

Bob Nelsen tells:
My great uncle Jens Kristian Borbjerg (he was known in the US as Christian Borberg), son of Jens Christian Nielsen (Borbjerg). Uncle Christian had an ice business in Chicago, Illinois, USA. that sold ice. After the refrigeration systems came along, the ice business was no longer lucrative, so he went to work as policemanfor a steel mill in Chicago. After he retired, he and brother Viggo moved to Atlantic, Iowa, near where I grew up.
Kilde: Bob Nelsen, facebook.Nelsen.Borbjerg Family Memories.