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Kirkebog Staby sogn.
1887. Født 10 December. Niels Kristian Nielsen. Søn af Husmand Jens Kristian Nielsen og Hustru Kristine Knudsen, 24 Aar, Brondbjerg Mark.

Udvandrede 1906 til USA. Senere fulgte flere brødre, "The Borberg Brothers".

Udvandrede 1906 til USA med MS Oscar II.
I de amerikanske immigarations myndigheder papirer er Niels Kristian registreret som "farmer" på vej til Audobon, Iowa,
Nels Christian Nelsen, affectionately known as "Pa," was born December 10, 1887 in Ulfborg Denmark. He was the son of Jens and Kristina Knudsen Borberg. He came from Denmark in 1906, living in Morris, Illinois for a time before settling in Audubon County. Jens P. Johansen er formentlig den, der året før udrejste fra "Jutland" med Councill Bluffs som Final Destination"og" going to join a relative i Audobon, Iowa, a "Friend Jens P. ?Johansen?, Audobon Illinois" og iøvrigt med "Condition of Helth, Mental and Physical, Good".
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Bob Nelsen:
This is my grandfather, Nels Christian Nelsen (center of the top row) from the cover photo. All of his family referred to him as "Pa". He immigrated to the United States in 1906 and moved to Morris, Illinois. A few years later Pa’s father, Jens Christian Nielsen changed the family name to Borbjerg. Borbjerg is the town in Denmark where Pa’s father was raised. That is why uncles Christian and Viggo mentioned on this Facebook page took the Borbjerg name, but Pa kept the Nelsen (the i was dropped from Nielsen) name because he had already immigrated and was established in the US as Nelsen. Pa’s father and mother (Kristine) raised their family in Ulfborg, Denmark. Pa married Katherine Jensen in the US in 1910. Katherine (her family referred to her as "Ma") had immigrated from Vester Alling, Denmark, but she and Pa didn’t meet until they were in the US. Pa and Ma settled on a farm near Brayton, Iowa, and raised their family of 10 children. Early in their marriage, Pa farmed the land where they lived and was also employed by a creamery in Brayton. He collected cream from local farmers and earned the name of "Cream Hauler Nels". I remember some of his neighbors still referring to him by that name when I was a boy. By the time I was a teenager (1960s), Pa had retired, and my dad had taken over the farming operation for him. I always enjoyed going to Pa’s farm to work. He was so easy going and never seemed to get upset about things. I remember asking his advice on cutting hay one day because the forecast was for rain. He said to go ahead and cut it, and I asked "What will we do if it rains, Pa?" Pa replied, "We’ll do like they did in the old country". Thinking I was about to gain a wealth of knowledge, I asked what they did in the old country. His reply was, "let it rain". I have many fond memories of Pa I could share, but I’ll save them for another time. I would like to hear some stories about Pa from other family members, so feel free to share.

Katherine Jensen Nelsen, "Ma," was born March 29, 1886 in Vester Alling Denmark.
They were married on June 18, 1910 in Audubon. They moved to their farm in Benton Township (Cass County) in 1918 and lived there until Ma's death in 1969. Pa
passed away in Atlantic on June 19, 1975.
They had 11 children (including one son who died in infancy).