Biografi for: Benthe Andersen

Halvsøster til min hustrus oldemor, Ane Dorthe Andersen.

Kirkebog Lerup sogn 1814-1874. Fødte Quindekøn. (Kort C 90-3, 3/7)
1864. 5. April. Benthe Andersen. Datter af Hmd. Anders Bentsen og H. Gjertrud Marie Hansdatter i Bækken. Døbt i Kirken 19. Juni 1864. Faddere: Pigen Margrethe Sørensen i Svenstrup, Pigen Maren Kirstine Hansdatter i Bækken, Hmd. Jens Chr. Christensen i Jarmsted, Gmd. Anders Poulsen i Svenstrup og Ungk. Jens Hansen i Paarup. Moderen 39 Aar introd. 26/6 64. Vacineret 7 September 1867 af Fangel, Distriktslæge.

Hjoerring, Øster Han, Bækken, , et Huus, , FT-1870 (Film 2999)
Gjertrud Marie Hansen, K, 44, E, Tranum sogn, Husmoder, Jordbruger
Maren Andersen, K, 14, U, Lerup sogn, hendes datter,
Hans Andersen, M, 11, U, Lerup sogn, hendes søn,
Peter Andersen, M, 9, U, Lerup sogn, hendes søn,
Maren Kathrine Andersen, K, 8, U, Lerup sogn, hendes datter,
Bente Andersen, K, 5, U, Lerup sogn, hendes datter

Hjoerring, Øster Han, Lerup, Telling Udflyttersteder, Lerup Sogn, , Et Huus, 31, FT-1880
Andreas Andersen, 32, Gift, Huusfader Huuseier, , her i Sognet
Dortea Kjerstine Christensen, 32, Gift, hans Kone, , Torslev Sogn
Bente Andersen, 16, Ugift, Mandens Søster Sypigelærling, , her i Sognet
Andrea Marie Andersen, 7, Ugift, Pleiedatter, , Tranum Sogn

Bente emmigrerede i 1889 til USA sammen med sin bror, Hans, og hans familie. I den danske emmigrantdatabase findes følgende:
Navn: Andersen, Berthe Stilling: Tyende (m/k land)
Alder: 25 Bestemmelsessted: Johnsonburg, Penn.
Kontrakt nr.: 316200 Forevisningsdato: 5/3/1889
Fødested: ? Fødesogn: ?
Sidste oph.sogn: Ør. Svenstrup Sidste oph. amt: Hjørring
Sidste oph.sted: Ø. Svenstrup, Hjørring Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: Johnsonburg Bestemmelses stat: Pennsylvania
Skibsnavn: Indirekte
IDkode: I8990A0515

Ellis Island databasen viser bl.a. flg.:
Akomst 1889 med "Manhatten".
Benthe Andersen 25
Hans Andersen 30, Birte Andersen ?, Lars Andersen 6, Gertrud Andersen 4, Anders Andersen 2

1889 Marriage
Name: Benthe Anderson. Marriage Age: 25. Record Type: Marriage. Birth Date: abt 1864. Birth Place: Denmark. Marriage Date: 12 Oct 1889. Marriage Place: Cosmo, Nebraska, USA. Marriage County Office: Kearney. Father: Anders Benson. Mother: M Larsen. Spouse: Christian Nelson

Benthes barnebarn, Elsie Parker, født Esler, skriver i flere mails om Benthe og hendes familie i Amerika:
"Benth came here with her brother Hans Andersen and his wife Berth or Birth Olsen. They had 3 children, Lars, Anders and Gertrud. They all went to Pennsylvania. There was a Larsen family and Nielsens, two women. All came from the same area and on the same boat. I don't know if they were related. Benth married Soren Nielsen. I think they got married in Wisconsin. Soren came from Kollerup, Thisted. He came here in 1886. First to Michigan. I think. I know there was family in Iowa also. I don't know what became of Hans.
It's so good to find some part of the family from where gramma and grampa came from. I remember when gramma died, I wasn't 3 yet but I remember her. Some of her flowers are still growing and blooming each year. Mama lived here too.
Soren and Benth had 8 children, one died as a baby. Frank was born in 1890 in Nebraska. Since Benth came in 1889 I think they knew each other before they left Denmark. I sorta thought maybe Benth lived with her older brother or sister. Her mother died while she was a child. Their second child, a girl, died young. Another girl was born a year later. In Wyoming. Then they went to South Dakota where 2 more children were born. They came here to Victor in 1902. It's on the Puget Sound in Washington State. The northwest corner of America. Here there were 3 more daughters born".

Census 1900
Name: Bente Nelson. Age: 36. Birth Date: Apr 1864. Birthplace: Denmark. Home in 1900: Viborg, Turner, South Dakota. Ward of City: 2. Immigration Year: 1887. Relation to Head of House: Wife. Marital status: Married. Spouse's name: Soren C Nelson. Marriage Year: 1890. Father's Birthplace: Denmark Mother's Birthplace: Denmark. Mother: Number of Living Children: 3. Mother: How Many Children: 4. Years in US: 11. Can Write: Yes. Can Speak English: Yes.
Household Members: Soren C Nelson 44, Bente Nelson 36, Frank Nelson 9, Elsie Nelson 6, Andrew L Nelson. 1, Annie Erickson 19.

"Viborg, South Dakota must be very cold in the winter. In 1898 the USA had the worst winter ever. They had planned on staying there, making it their home. They came west after that winter. I think they had to replenish their supplies etc. Mom always said they couldn't take the weather there".
Om familiens endelige ankomst til Victor:
"I have often wondered what the grandparents thought when they saw the Sound? There were no roads here, everything was by boat. It was such a hard life for them. Somehow they made it and saw the first cars make it here. They were amongst the early pioneers here, Søren was postmaster at Allyn and Justice of the Peace (dommer i mindre civile sager) from 1915 until his death in 1930. His picture hangs in the post office now".

1910 Census
Name: Benthe Nelson, Age in 1910: 46. Birth Year: abt 1864. Birthplace: Denmark. Home in 1910: Allyn, Mason, Washington. Street: Gig Harbor Road. Immigration Year: 1889. Relation to Head of House: Wife. Marital status: Married. Spouse's name: Soren Nelson. Father's Birthplace: Denmark. Mother's Birthplace: Denmark. Native Tongue: English. Able to Read: Yes. Able to Write: No. Years Married: 20. Number of Children Born: 8. Number of Children Living: 7.
Household Members: Soren Nelson 54, Benthe Nelson 46, Frank Nelson 19, Elsie Nelson 16, Andrew Nelson 11, Gertrude Nelson 9, Anna Nelson 7, Myrtle Nelson 5, Ive Nelson 1.

1920 Census
Name: Benthe Nelson. Age: 56. Birth Year: abt 1864. Birthplace: Denmark. Home in 1920: Allyn, Mason, Washington. Residence Date: 1920. Immigration Year: 1889.
Relation to Head of House: Wife. Marital status: Married. Spouse's name: Soren C Nelson. Father's Birthplace: Denmark. Mother's Birthplace: Denmark. Native Tongue: Danish. Able to Speak English: Yes. Naturalization Status: Naturalized. Able to Read: Yes. Able to Write: Yes.
Household Members: Soren C Nelson 63, Benthe Nelson 56, Anna Nelson 16, Mirtyle Nelson 14, Eva Nelson 11.

1938 Grave
Name: Bente Nelson. Birth Date: 1864. Birth Place: Denmark. Death Date: Apr 1938. Death Place: Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington, United States of America. Cemetery: Victor Cemetery. Burial or Cremation Place: Victor, Mason County, Washington, United States of America. Spouse: Soren Christian Nelson. Children: Frank Nelson, Gertrude Laura Nelson, Iva Louise Nelson.
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