Biografi for: Karen Østergaard Larsen

Hjørring, Øster Han, Brovst, Movkjær, Hus, L.14, 11, FT-1890, D6100
Jens Østergaard Larsen 34 Gift Husfader Agerbrug. husmand Tranum, Hjørring
Elsine Nielsen 30 Gift Husmoder Tranum, Hjørring
Niels Kristian Larsen 8 Ugift Deres børn Broust, Hjørring
Karen Østergaard Larsen 6 Ugift Deres børn Broust, Hjørring
Lars Kristian Larsen 3 Ugift Deres børn Broust, Hjørring
Jens Kristian Larsen 1 Ugift Deres børn Broust, Hjørring

Hjørring, Øster Han, Brovst, Fredensdal, 2d, 182, FT-1901, D9093
Morten Christensen Hedegaard 18440000 G Husfader Gaardejer. landbrug Hjortdal. Thisted
Johanne Margrethe Pedersen 18481102 G Husmoder Brovst. Hjørring
Mariane Gratrie Ane Hedegaard 18810831 U Barn Brovst. Hjørring
Karen Østergaard Larsen 18830802 U Tjenestetyende Tranum. Hjørring
Anders Christian Nielsen 18761010 U Daglejer ved landbruget Brovst. Hjørring
Jens Pedersen Nielsen 18820413 U Tjenestetyende Torslev. Hjørring Amt
Niels Chr. Nielsen 18851008 U Tjenestetyende Brovst. Hjørring

Carrie Christinsen in the 1940 United States Federal Census
Name: Carrie Christinsen. Age: 57. Estimated birth year: abt 1883. Birthplace: Denmark. Marital status: Married. Relation to Head of House: Wife. Home in 1940: Gothenburg, Dawson, Nebraska. Map of Home in 1940: View Map. Inferred Residence in 1935: Gothenburg, Dawson, Nebraska. Residence in 1935: Same Place. Resident on farm in 1935: No. Citizenship: Naturalized. Occupation: Asistant Clerk. Attended School or College: No. Highest Grade Completed: Elementary school, 2nd grade. Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 99. Class of Worker: Unpaid family worker. Weeks Worked in 1939: 52. Income: 0. Income Other Sources: Yes. Household Members:
Carl Christinsen 55, Carrie Christinsen 57, Mary Jane Christinsen 17

Karen dør som 90 årig i Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA, og begraves i Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)