Biografi for: Henry Charles Marymont

1910 United States Federal Census
Henry Merymont. Age in 1910 2. Birth Date 1908. Birthplace New York. Home in 1910 Bronx Assembly District 32, New York, New York, USA. Race White. Gender Male. Relation to Head of House Son. Marital Status Single. Father's Name Morris Muynort. Father's Birthplace Poland. Mother's Name Helen Muynort
Mother's Birthplace Germany.
Household Members
Morris Muynort 41, Helen Muynort 40, Louis Muynort 13, Margaret Morgart 11, Florence Merymont 8, Elsie Merymont 7, Rose Merymont 5, Plilis Merymont 3, Henry Merymont 2

New York, U.S., State Census, 1925
Henry Marymont. Gender Male. Color or Race White. Age 17. Birth Date 1908. Birth Place USA. Residence Date 1925. Residence Place New York, Bronx
Relationship Son.
Household Members
Maurice Marymont 59, Helen Marymont 58, Margaret Marymont 27, Florence Marymont 21, Elsie Marymont 20, Henry Marymont 17, Rose Marymont 20, Joseph Marymont 7

1930 United States Federal Census
Henry Macymont. Birth Year 1909. Gender Male. Race White. Age in 1930 21. Birthplace New York. Marital Status Single. Relation to Head of House Son
Home in 1930 Bronx, Bronx, New York, USA. Street Address Wallace Avenue. Attended School No. Able to Read and Write Yes. Father's Birthplace Russia
Mother's Birthplace Germany. Able to Speak English Yes. Occupation Clerk. Industry Fire Insurance. Class of Worker Wage or salary worker. Employment Yes
Household Members
Morris Macymont 62, Helen Macymont 63, Elsie Macymont 24, Rose Macymont 23, Henry Macymont 21, Margaret Macymont 30.